EVS w Rumunii, Curba de Cultura-FRSP

EVS w Rumunii to wspólna propozycja organizacji Curba de Cultura we współpracy z Fundacją Rozwoju Społeczeństwa Przedsiębiorczego.

Zgłoszenia należy dokonać wysyłając CV i list motywacyjny w języku angielskim na adres mailowy: natalia.podbielska@frsp.eu

Termin nadsyłania zgłoszeń: 8 stycznia 2017r.

Coordinating and sending organisation: Fundacja Rozwoju Społeczeństwa Przedsiębiorczego
Receiving organisation: Curba de Cultura
Location: Prahova, Romania
Deadline: 08/01/2017
Start: 01/04/2017
End: 01/12/2017
Placements: 2 volunteers

Propozycja pracy w centrum młodzieżowym w Rumunii, na pewno rozwinie Waszą kreatywność.
Będziecie mieli też okazję podziwiać największą kopalnię soli w Europie, odpowiednik naszej Wieliczki tylko na duużo większą skalę

Curba de Cultură, a Romanian NGO accredited for hosting, sending and coordinating EVS projects. They are working in rural part of Romania for over four years now, on providing opportunities for personal and professional development for youngsters in rural areas. They are doing this through EU funded projects as well as through projects funded through other donors. But the biggest impact so far was brought by EVS volunteers so they decided in investing more in this kind of projects.

The activities the volunteers can do:
– promoting non-formal learning and volunteering in the community
– non-formal learning activities with children during the summer
– non-formal learning activities with young people aged 15-20 within the youth centre
– organizing hiking trips to the nearby mountains under the supervision of the volunteer coordinator
– organizing cultural events including country presentations, traditional dances and music etc
– managing the library within the youth centre
– organizing language courses (English, French, German etc)
– organizing workshops and activities for youngsters and even for adults
– documenting the activities and reporting
– writing articles and blog posts in order to promote volunteering, EVS and Erasmus+ Programme
The volunteers can be involved in all the activities mentioned above or even more such as:
– Juggling club
– Human Rights Education
– Personal Development sessions and seminars
– Arts workshops and training courses

These activities will help the volunteers firstly to observe and to realize which are their interests and to get at least a glimpse of what life path they want to follow in the future. Secondly, by attending and implementing the activities mentioned above they can develop competencies in areas like communication and interpersonal relations, basic science and technologies, social and culture, management and entrepreneurship.
With the time the range of activities can increase together with the development of the organization and with the involvement of the local community and due to positive results of the volunteers’ work.

If you want to know more – check our videos

Volunteer profile
We are searching for young and open minded volunteers. Volunteers should be motivated, responsible, and ready to learn and to work in a team. We are looking for volunteers who like to work with people from young generation: kids, youth, students

We are interested in people who are enthusiastic, creative, communicative, open-minded, socially sensitive and supporting the idea of tolerance, respect and cooperation between cultures, willing to share their experience and knowledge with the others and willing to turn their ideas into action as one of the aim of receiving organization is to create space for the personal development of the youngster creating space and opportunity to express themselves and their will.

Necessary requirement will be major age (18-30, according to Erasmus+ rules), while no minimum level of language is required. We think that EVS is a perfect tool and chance to learn a new language, altough a basic level of english is recommended.

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