EVS w Chorwacji, Capoeira Amazonas Zagreb

EVS w Chorwacji to propozycja Fundacji Rozwoju Społeczeństwa Przedsiębiorczego i chorwackiej organizacji Association Amazonas (Capoeira Amazonas Zagreb) poszukującej wolontariuszy na EVS w mieście Zagrzeb.

Projekt „Going international in local capoeira communities” otrzymał już akceptację w chorwackiej Narodowej Agencji i otrzymał dofinansowanie. Zgłoszenia (CV i list motywacyjny w języku angielskim) prosimy przesyłać na adres natalia.podbielska@frsp.eu

W tytule wiadomości mailowej prosimy wpisać: Going international in local capoeira communities

Termin nadsyłania zgłoszeń: 27 września 2017 r.

Interesujecie si Capoeirą? znacie technikę albo chcielibyście się jej nauczyć a przy tym pomagać społeczności lokalnej Zagrzebia w Chorwacji? Ten projekt jest właśnie dla Was!

Coordinating/Receiving organisation: Capoeira Amazonas Zagreb
Location: Zagreb, Croatia
Deadline: 27/09/2017
Duration:15th of October 2017 – 15th of September 2018 ( 11 months)
Length: Long term project
Placements: 1 volunteer

Association Amazonas was registered in 2004. to promote intercultural and healthy lifestyles through various aspects of Brazilian culture and the art of capoeira using it as a means to encourage multiculturalism, development of creative and social potential of children, youth and adults, as well as improving the quality of life of individuals and society as a whole. The target groups of our organization are mostly young people with fewer opportunities and some of our regular programs are: school of capoeira, school of Brazilian dances, Festival of Brazilian culture, international workshops and events. A big focus in our work we are giving to youth with fewer opportunities as well as developing social programs where we use capoeira as a psychosocial tool.

Amazonas is currently working on the following social projects:
1. Tribo Moderna – In this project we are working with kids and young people who have behavioral problems, who cannot control their emotions and who feel excluded from society. Due to the variety of elements in capoeira and an emphasis on freedom of movement and creativity and lack of competition trough capoeira we allow each individual to realize their potential through the aspects that fits them best.

2. Uključi S(v)E! – In this project we are promoting active participation of youth in society through involvement in volunteer activities (festivals, campaigns, language classes, sport programs etc.), with a big focus of inclusion of the youngsters who are facing different obstacles as economical, social or medical obstacles.
Also, Amazonas team organizes training courses in the frameworks of Youth in Action/Erasmus+ project of European Commission. Till now, we did one youth exchange, one training course and three EVS projects.
More info you can find on our website

EVS project “Going international in local capoeira communities” will be in Zagreb, Croatia.
It will host four volunteers, one from Poland, one from Portugal, one from Spain and one from Italy. It will last 11 months, from September 1st 2017. to August 1st 2018. Arriving day is September 1st and departing day is August 2nd.
During EVS project, volunteers will be involved in four groups of activities:

1. Activities which are building connections between local and international volunteers
a) Amazonas Club
Amazonas Club is a space where our members and volunteers can create workshops/events and hang out. All four volunteers will in cooperation with local volunteers assist in creation of activities in the club.
b) Participation in media team and/or Brazilactica team
During the year Amazonas is having a lot of campaigns as Tolerance Day, Campaign against violence, Batizado events etc. Also, we are having festival of Brazilian culture – Brazilactica. All four volunteers will asist in media coverage and preparations of those events.
c)Promotion of the mobility and EVS
Trough the project all four volunteers will promote mobility, EVS and Erasmus+ by creating events, presentations etc. for local youngsters and people interested in it.

2. Activities which are promoting inclusion in local community
a) Tribo Moderna
In this project we are working with children with a behavioural problem. Two volunteers will be in a team with
our local volunteers and they will assist in preparation and implementation of cultural and sport workshops for
children based on the promotion of non – violence.

b) Intercultural activities in rural communities
Except with schools, we are working with organisations as Suncokret in Vrginmost with children with fewer opportunities. Two volunteers, once in mount, will assist to our team members in the implementation of cultural and sport workshops for children.

3. Activities for the improvement of digital, media, management and promotion skills
a) Brazilactica
Every year in May we have festival of Brazilian culture – Brazilactica. It will engage two volunteers (other can join if they want). One volunteer will work on preparation of the promotional material and another will work on the festival schedule, new ideas and potential
b) Do your movies
During the year Amazonas have many events and we are making a video of them. Activity will engage two volunteer who will make a short videos of events. We will educate them how to handle equipment, edit and give them a camera. One volunteer will film Tolerance day, another Summer Camp. Also, volunteers will do one film in the pair (or all four of them if they want) – it will be about their EVS experience and life in Croatia.
c) Go creative
During the EVS we will leave space for all four volunteers to create, prepare and implement their personal project. Team of Amazonas will help them in implementation and structure their ideas.

4. Activities for improvement of language competences
a)Native language lessons:
Volunteers will have an opportunity to prepare small lesions of their native languages and culture. It will be once per week in the afternoon hours. Activity is important for volunteers in order to meet local community.
b) Croatian lessons will be once per week.

*IMPORTANT: During the EVS all volunteers will be engaged in activities connected with language competences and building relationships between local and international volunteers. Regarding other activities, two volunteers will be engaged more in social projects (work with children with fewer opportunities), and two will work more on organization, media and promotional activities. So, when you will write your motivation letters, please notice which of those two options you prefere.

Croatian language: We will organize lessons of Croatian language for the volunteers so they can learn basics level of Croatian language to help them get around
Reflection group:
– Once a week there will be a reflection group where volunteers will reflect on their learning goals, get support if needed, give feedback on the week, agree on some changes if needed and also agree on some new plans with their supervisor
– Each volunteer will also get a mentor (person from outside of the organization) to give them support as a friend if needed; they will be meeting with their mentors 1-2 times per monthes
Creativity day:
– Friday will be creativity day which means volunteers will have freedom to choose their own tasks, do some things that are relevant to them, google on some information they found interesting but didn’t have a chance to do it during the week
– Also, it will be a day to create their own projects
– On this day they will also be able to write EVS blog, create a page on social networks where they will write about their experiences

During the EVS volunteer will live in shared apartment with other volunteers (4 persons).
Accommodation will have: bedrooms for volunteer (maximum 2 volunteers per bedroom), shared place for hang out, kitchen and bathroom.
Exact address of apartment we will have in August, before volunteer’s arrival to Zagreb.

Volunteers will have bicycles and locks for them.
As well, if we manage to get student tickets for public transportation, they will have tickets for trams/bus for whole year. If not, we will provide them with ticket for local tram/bus transport during the winter months.

EVS volunteers will receive the money monthly.
Every month they will have the 90 Euros of the pocket money and they will receive 150 Euros for food. Accommodation and living bills are covered by the project.
Budget for the travel depends on the volunteer’s country.
Travel budget for P for Poland 275 euros

More about Association Amazonas you can reqad in Going international, Info pack 

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