Nabór na EVS we Włoszech, Arcistrauss

Stowarzyszenie BONA FIDES i organizacja ASSOCIAZIONE CULTURALE STRAUSS z Włoch poszukują wolontariuszy na zaakceptowany projekt EVS w Mussomelii, na Sycylii pt.: „Polish young people fostering EU volunteering values in Sicily”.
Zgłoszenia (CV i formularz aplikacyjny w j. angielskim) prosimy przesyłać na adres

Termin nadsyłania zgłoszeń: 31 października 2017

Location: Mussomeli, Sicily, Italy
Deadline: 31/10/2017
Duration: 6 months
Start: 07/01/2018
End: 07/07/2018
Placements: 1

Proposed activities
3 differnet topics which we will move during „Polish young people fostering EU volunteering values in Sicily”voluntary service:
1. Environment and Social: in the face of an increasingly perceptible degradation of the environment, it is necessary to raise awareness of environmental protection, through measures designed to consider the environment as something that is not only of others, but that belongs to us directly and as such is our duty to preserve. The volunteers will be involved in activities of laboratories, workshops and contests, aimed at the awakening of a social responsibility and respect for public matters. In this way, it will strengthen the sense of belonging to a social identity, developing a commitment for active and responsible citizenship. EVS volunteers shall raise awareness of the importance of the environment heritage at personal,social, economical and ecological level and learning to value it and to protect it, among local community. This part of the project also provides activities in centers for people with disabilities and young migrants from Africa in“Casa Famiglia Vanessa” and “Casa Rosetta Onlus”.
2. Culture and Information: culture is part of the personal and collective heritage to which each generation contributes.Young people, through their potential for initiative,exploration and innovation,play a key role. For this reason, the volunteers will develop workshops on customs and language of their country, highlighting the diversity aim to instil respect and tolerance of diversity, to strengthen the sense of interaction between peoples and integration.
3. Journalism and Media and Youth Policy: journalistic investigations and the related workshop will enable volunteers and beneficiaries to develop social and civic competences, as well as linguistic ones, acquiring a critical sense is essential. The combination of mass media and participation in civil and democratic life will expand their possibilities of expression, making them active citizens, aware and involved.

More concretely:
1)Culture and information
Part of the project,implemented directly in the secondary schools of the City of Mussomeli,they’ll have autonomous spaces and realize communication products for disclosure,through onversations and historical-didactic paths,will support teachers implementing language,culture,envionment/ecology and traditions workshops.
Volunteers will also organize and implement „English conversation clubs”& implemented laboratory classes
Workshops with disabled and migrant youngsters
Learning outcomes:they will have the opportunity to learn the operation of the school system,developing new knowledge,creativity and management skills, cultural awareness and expression, and will encourage the learning of mother and foreign language.
2)Journalism and Media
-Creation,layout, printing and distribution of „L’ALTERnativo”;Periodical of local information and social protest;historic brand of Strauss;
-Investigative reporting and writing articles on”L’ALTERnativo”
-writing articles on „La Meduza” Blog
-Journalism workshops conducted with the support of professionals
-Preparation and management of the newsletter, the website and the Facebook page
-Care of the „book of the EVS volunteer”, on local news online newspaper „ and”
-Making of photographic and video editing labs
-Weekly tours of photography;photographic exhibitions
Learning outcomes:the printing and typesetting practices,use of social networks,labs of video making and photographic exhibitions will enable the volunteers to acquire computer,technological and organizational skills.Journalistic investigation and the journalism workshops will help them to better understand their local society thus developing social and civic competences,as well as linguistic, professional and cultural ones.
3)Environment and Social project-volunteers will join the staff of Strauss and local volunteers in activities to promote environmental policies affecting the green area called „Villa Aldiso-ArciPark”(of about 2000 m2) entrusted to Strauss by the Municipality of Mussomeli. Volunteers will be involved in the activities such as:
-Care and beautification of the area
-Recycling workshops
-Gardening contest and flower arrangements
-Graffiti workshops
-Awareness-raising activities and promotion of „environmental days”
Second part of the project is connected with inclusion and integration projects at centers for the disabled and residential communities for minors.
Moreover,it is given that with the full support of the city administration,the Strauss is transforming parts of the area in a Social Garden, volunteers will work in practice management of the entire complex,including the organic cultivation of native non-commercial varieties and free distribution of the products. The project involves schools in the city in order to capture a significant portion of the local population,eg.students and parents,who are a valuable support to the achievement of our goals, not least the social consciousness and civic.Moreover,with the full support of the city administration,Strauss is turning some areas Social vegetable garden.Here volunteers will work in practical management of the garden with organic cultivation of non-commercial native varieties and free distribution of products.
Learning outcomes:interacting daily with the community volunteers will achieve communication skills in Italian language and in handling interpersonal relationships.The planned activities will allow them to develop technical,artistic and civic skills,acquiring creativity,initiative and entrepreneurial spirit.

With the aim of creating a cohesive and sympathetic group and united within it, besides participating in excursions, days out and events managed by Strauss, all volunteers will be involved to follow and to achieve together the following activities:
-Italian language classes,additional than the OLS
-Organization of cross-cultural evenings,with the opportunity to tell their stories and talk about their cultures,1 month
-Watching films in Italian language to strengthen language skills
-Organization of the Erasmus + promotion campaign, intended as a monthly event
-organization and implementation of „English conversation clubs”, implemented laboratory classes of Strauss and addressed to young people and the local community.

ARCI Strauss is a no-profit association which has worked in Mussomeli since 1999. The association is connected with a national organization called ARCI and it is one of six thousand clubs in Italy. ARCI Strauss is a self-financed organization committed to promoting a multicultural democratic and multiracial society.
Since it was founded, our association has always worked with young people, disabled social and disadvantaged categories. Through various theatrical, musical and sportive events, the association has succeeded in creating important moments of meeting and socialization, in a constructive and stimulating way. Among the past activities realized, there are to notice: the “Festa della Musica” , the “Anti-mafia Caravan”, the “Writing and Hip hop meeting” and the Info Youth and Info H desks, that still information and orientation respectively to the young people and disabled person of the territory.
Besides the association is involved in the area of the International Mobility Programs actively participating by now for 12 years in different initiatives in Europe and all over the world.
Since 2006 year we have got the accreditation for the management of a Eurodesk Local Point.
ARCI Strauss has implemented projects in the frame of the following Programs: “Youth”; “Youth in Action”; Europe for Citizens”; “Amicus Preparatory Action”; “Life Long Learning”.
Association Strauss, through the staff and many volunteers, manages the following services :
– INFO-YOUTH center, providing information to youngsters about work, education and school, cultural activities, sports, etc.
– Internet point, print and fax services.
– „Europe-desk”, a help-desk providing information and advices on the opportunities that the EU offers to young people.
– “L’ALTERnativo” a local free periodic magazine
– „A scuola d’ Europa”, an initiative that aims to bring young students closer to a European dimension, in cooperation with middle and high schools institutes.
– „Borsa Lavoro”, service which aims to promote the reintegration of young people who have had problems with the penal code.
– Several laboratories (language, multimedia, art-painting), a vocational guidance desk, a recreational center for youth, a counseling desk for families and to promote dialogue between generations.
– „Crea-impresa”, a counseling desk for local youngsters and entrepreneurs about work opportunities and local development.
– ArciStrauss Park: maintenance of a public green area in the centre of Mussomeli , named Villa Aldisio.
The activities of Strauss Cultural organization, its staff and volunteers, involves also disables persons, disadvantages categories and social excluded youth.

What volunteer has provided:
– The accomodation will be provided by RO. The accommodation is very big, new and comfortable and it is provided of all facilities.It is a building of about 560 square meters located in the center of the city. On the ground floor there are the offices of Strauss and spaces for recreational and educational workshops, while, on the first floor, on an area of about 390 square meters, there is the accommodation of the volunteers. The “House of the Volunteer” is provided with 5 bedrooms, all with window, with a total area of 113 square meters, a kitchen,2 areas for toilets and divided by gender, a laundry room, a solarium and other common spaces for more than 150 square meters. There is also a secret room where to set many (personal or of common use) things.The appartment has the following utilities: 7 mega internet h24, TV, oven, 2 fridges, hobs, kitchen sinks, kitchen utensils, 2 washing machines, 1 washtub, irons and drying racks, 8 washbasins, 5 showers, 5 toilets and all the furniture needed to accommodate the volunteers. Finally, considering the fact that in the same building are the offices of Strauss, volunteers can always rely on our presence and our support.
– Volunteers will work about 30(not more than 35) hours per week and they will have free weekends and 2 days off per month.
The role of the volunteers will be cooperate with the members of the association. A typical day of the volunteer starts at 10:00 am. This is the time ArciStrauss ask volunteers to arrive in office. They will make volunteers do a rotation with the other in order to let them work alternately in each of their activities. In this way it will be avoid a sense of fixed habits which could have a negative impact in their work, and at the same time their formative – learning process will be more complete. The objective of our association is to offer to volunteers a training and growth path through EVS.
– Volunteers will recieve the pocket money (120,00 EUR) and food allowance (140,00 EUR) at the begining of each month.
– travel funding in amount of 275,00 EUR in both ways.

Recruitment process
The profile of the volunteer must have the following characteristics:
– Keen interest in the contents of the project;
– Real motivation for the experience;
– Willingness to live and work in a multicultural environment;
– Will to strengthen his/her abilities to move towards future opportunities;
– Sense of responsibility towards people and things and respect for the work of others.
Will not be necessary qualifications, particular titles or experiences.

The selection process will be carried out on three fundamental criteria: a good motivation letter (application form) not only justifying the interest on the project but in the values that the Erasmus + Programme contributes, a curriculum vitae(the best of Europass) in English with a photograph and finally sending adapted documentation to the organization and the project.
To ensure that the project meets the background and needs of the volunteers, we will ask them also to fill in a questionnaire (to download from attachment) about themselves as well as the activities and kinds of projects they are interested in. After the pre-selection, the receiving organisation contacts the volunteers through e-mail or skype to inform them about the activities, the special characteristics of Italy, Sicily and Mussomeli city, answer the questions of the volunteers, listen to their ideas and proposals. After this, the final selection is made and the results are announced to the interested parties.

Please send all of documents(CV and application form) to till 31st of October 2017.

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