Integration through Volunteering Together We Can Do More!

Dear Friends !

We invite you to participate in our new program – „Integration through Volunteering Together We Can Do More!”

In addition to just integrating peers, our goal is to give them the opportunity to engage in volunteer activities, demonstrate their talents, practice languages outside of school and spend their free time creatively.

We know that young people have many interests, and volunteer activities open a wide way to develop not only these interests, but also to learn about the city, region and culture. And thus to strengthen Polish-Ukrainian integration.

To our office, located at 19 Warszawska Street in Katowice, we invite volunteers interested in the program, as well as Organizations looking for volunteers willing to cooperate.

Our intermediary will provide everyone with detailed information on how to get involved in volunteer actions organized within the framework of the program „Integration through volunteering – together we can do more ” and will connect volunteers willing to help with the appropriate Organizations.

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