Integration through volunteering – together we can do more!

Have you sometimes thought about the importance of integration? Is it important? Does it help us and others to function socially? Can we help someone and ourselves through it?

Yes, integration is important. It is also the theme of our project this year, created in cooperation with UNICEF and the Katowice City Hall.

„Integration through volunteering – together we can do more”, focuses on the Ukrainian-Polish integration mentioned here many times before.

As we know, a war broke out in Ukraine on 24 February 2022, which is still going on. As a result of it, millions of Ukrainians fled the country and were put in a very difficult situation – finding themselves in completely new realities of life, in places where they may feel like strangers. We would like to use our resources to help them overcome this feeling. And, as we know, one way of integration is through volunteering.

It allows young people to see the value of selfless help. Volunteering builds a sense of belonging to society, which is something that people often lack. It gives young people a real say in what is happening in their local area and gives them the opportunity to get to know their town, region and culture better. By getting involved in voluntary activities, they also gain unique experiences, meet new people and make friends for years to come.

Therefore, as part of the above-mentioned programme, we are planning to involve Ukrainian youth living in Poland in volunteer actions, as well as our compatriots who want to help! We are planning to organise action volunteering at cultural, sporting, environmental or educational events in Katowice and neighbouring cities.

To start this wonderful adventure of volunteering, all you need to do is sign up to our database of volunteers. This will make it easier for us to connect volunteers with the right organisations, and we will also be able to inform you more quickly and efficiently about upcoming events!

👉 Link to the database:

See you at the volunteering event!

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