EVS w Gruzji, European Bridge in Our Mind

Stowarzyszenie BONA FIDES i gruzińska organizacja Georgian Youth for Europe poszukują wolontariuszy na projekt EVS.

Zgłoszenia: CV i list motywacyjny w języku angielskim prosimy przesłać na adres mailowy: natalia@bonafides.pl

Termin nadsyłania zgłoszeń: 17 września 2017

Organizacja przyjmująca: Georgian Youth for Europe
Miejsce: Rustavi, Gruzja
Termin nadsyłania zgłoszeń: 17.09.2017
Rozpoczęcie wolontariatu: 7 październik 2017
Zakończenie wolontariatu: 6 październik 2018
Czas trwania wolontariatu: wolontariat długoterminowy, 12 miesięcy.
Dostępne wolne miejsca: 2 wolontariuszy

Description of organisation
Association „Georgian Youth for Europe“ (GYE) is an independent non-political, non-governmental, non-profit youth organization, which represents a voluntary educational movement for children and young people open to all disregards of person’s origin, race, sex, and religion. Organisation is located in Rusatvi City. GYE works mainly with young people aged 12 – 25 but also with adults. The mission of Georgian Youth for Europe (hereafter GYE) is to empower youth of Kvemo Kartli to achieve their full physical, intellectual, emotional, social, and spiritual potential both as individuals and as responsible citizens. GYE pursues multiple program directions to achieve this mission. It promotes: learning through peer-education training and workshops on art and management; healthy lifestyles by organizing outdoor activities, hobby clubs, and first aid courses; democratic principles by offering trainings on human rights; environmentally-conscious behaviour by raising public awareness about environmental issues through demonstrations, yard clean-up campaigns, after-school environmental education, movie-making on environmental problems, Eco Gardens, and activities to recycle litter it into salable products

Project Description
The volunteers are going to assisting children and young people in receiving formal and non-formal education. Activities are based on full self-governance and voluntary participation of its members. Except educational aspects volunteers together with workers will running Scout house –Youth hostel. The Scout house hosts international groups of people that attend a specific event or seminar as well as independent groups that want to benefit from the location and the non formal education programs offered by the canter team.

The main activities will be implemented in conjunction with two objectives: development of civil society and international development cooperation.
For civil society development receiving organisation will organize workshops and seminars in the frames of national and international issues. Also number of camps,seminars,weekend activities,non-formal education clubs will be organized not only of organization members, but also for young people from throughout Rustavi city and Kvemo Kartli region.That should provide local community to became active citizens.The project aim is to break the stagnation, start the action and improve the social,ecological and cultural life in the cities and country through engagement in activities proposed by volunteers and then cantinue them after volunteers leave.
For International cooperation development receiving organisation will implement different international projects with goal to get in touch with like-minded partners from all over Europe, to Exchange experiences, knowledge, thereby creating a permanent partnership and giving opportunities to local young people to became more open to the world, full of opportunities, as well removing cultural biases and stereotypes, making them more tolerated by people with different nationalities, which is important for people from Caucasus, especially multi-national Georgia.

Activity # 1: Activities connected with Non-Formal Educational Programs
4 EVS Volunteer
• To support the Senior Management Team to plan, implement and evaluate ISCR programme events, seminars and other national/international events –provide input and feedback on evaluations to improve what we offer and deliver; support with ideas for strategic development of the center.
• To take a lead role in delivering outdoor, adventure educational programs –work as a member of the programme team leading and developing activities with and for participants/guests.
• To ensure participants/guests are provided with relevant educational programme information prior to and during their stay –updating and developing relevant information about our programmes.
• To respond to programme correspondence from potential participants/guests in a timely manner.
• To maintain / improve programme materials and equipment.
• To provide input to promotional material on programme events for the ISCR website, ISCR newsletters and other publications –providing research and marketing material for events and potential marketing opportunities; updating website & other social media.
• To assist with the training of new volunteers so they may lead programme activities.

Summer Camp Lagodekhi
In the summer, we are running International scout/Youth camp in Lagodekhi, which is about 150 kilometers from Rustavi. The groups of campers are coming to one or two weeks camps and we are helping them with food and service supply. The main role of volunteers is to prepare whole area before the campers come and support them during their stay. Volunteers could also prepare special programs which we offer to campers.

Detailed Tasks for Volunteers:
A)3Volunteer together with Eco-Adventure Program Assistant and local volunteers will working to develop and running year round Eco-Adventure programs (Balanced programs for different school aged groups, camping, hiking, outdoor technique, knots, lashings, orienting, mapping, etc..) for children and youth for Rustavi schools.

B)1 Volunteer together with Cultural Program Assistant and local volunteers will working to running cultural program (Magic Later, 2 Minutes video festival, Youth friendly Theatre, handicrafts) for our beneficiaries.

Activity # 2: Activities connected with Scout house –Youth hostel
2 volunteers
Volunteers together with House Manager, House Assistant, Maintenance manager, Cooker and helper will help ISCR staff to running daily tasks (Souvenir shop sales, house keeping, reception, webpage and information provision, ) and that task could be rotating to other volunteers tasks. the service schedule will ensure that each volunteer can experience different areas of work and also decide which one fit best with her/his interests. During the service the volunteer will learn about different cultures, customs and countries (including Georgia), transferable life skills, such as communication and how to live in an international environment. S/he will develop organizational and leadership skills, particularly in relation to delivering outdoor activities and managerial skills. Finally the volunteer will learn how to deliver services in a customer oriented way and therefore foster her/his entrepreneurship skills.

Volunteer Regular Activities:
-Regular weekly meetings with all local staff members- in order to evaluate previous week and discuss the plan for the up-coming week, divide tasks and responsibilities in detail provides space for the EVS volunteer to deal with any suggestions, questions or problems that might come up in connection with work or everyday life.
-to develop GYE monthly newsletter „Buldozer” (collecting information, editing text and photos, creating mailing list etc);
-to orginise activities at „Sapovnela” youth orphanage centre youngsters where they are going to prpeare free time,cultural, sport and social activities for kids with fewer oppotunites(basketball, art workshop, chess, volleyball,gardening, ICT technology lesson and English classes)
– to help in running the GYE office daily work; This task involves arranging practicalities, preparing leaflets about our activities, updating the GYE website and other little jobs depending on the need of the organisation.
– to run conversation courses in English to kids and youth. The aim of the conversation clubs in English is to motivate the children and youth to learn the foreign language and not to be afraid to speak English. The courses are led in cooperation between local volunteer from GYE and an EVS volunteer. Volunteers do not need to be good at English – their role is to create international environment and informal atmosphere – games, role plays, etc. If the volunteers are interested, they will be welcome to organise conversational clubs in the native language of their own.
– to run European club – to foster young people’s sense of European citizenship, to raise Volunteering awareness among Georgian youngsters with fewer opportunities and less-privileged backgrounds. Volunteers can tell or make presentations about Poland and Generally about European Union; European Citizenship; promote EVS, raise European awareness, etc. Volunteer will present the information in informal way as well as use well-known methods of Non-formal education: presentation, role games and quizzes about chosen topic;
-helping GYE staff (As a one of active youth policy making NGO) to develop new ideas based on Polish experience In Non formal, after school and hobby education.
– to run Video club – to lead GYE Video club together with local youth. Basic skills in audiovisual field and interest in media will be gain by the participated youngsters. The volunteer will get a chance to gain new skills of working with video equipment, video editing programs and local community. There will be also movie screening,during such events the european topics and valuse will be used as the content (Film+lecture and at the end disscusion)
-Outdoor Activities- initiate and implement new idea’s in frame of local level outdoor activities and experiential learning; Some are physically active, some are just plaing fun
-involve the local youngsters into activities related to the protection of nature: e.g. cleaning paths and wells, marking paths.Organize voluntary actions with the students from the closely high schools (e.g. cleaning the forest, painting tourist signs, painting the walls of the youth club),the main aim is to show them the value of voluntary and social work
-to organize environmentally actions by raising public awareness about environmental issues through demonstrations, yard clean-up campaigns, after-school environmental education, movie-making on environmental problems, Eco Gardens, and activities to recycle litter it into salable products
– 2 hours a week – spreading information about EVS and the “Erasmus+” Programme. This will be done in forms of advertising campaigns about EVS (together with the other EVS volunteers), meetings with youngsters in local schools to speak about own activities and promotion of the “Erasmus+” Programme.
– organize Youth club (short workshops about different topics, assisting trainer in language courses, organising summer school, outdoor activities:games,excursions,competitions, photography workshops with children etc.)
– During summer period we will have both indoor and outdoor activities. Volunteers will take part in a lot different kind outdoor activities – youth ecological,scout,thematic and international camps, week-end hikes,etc.We expect them to be fully involved in every stage of these activities – planning, preparation, realization, evaluation.

Working conditions
In the office wireless internet will be provided to the volunteers. Also we have computers in our office and volunteers will be provided with their own work places and all necessary tools for working –starting with stationery, a computer, a desk, etc. Of course, for more comfortable use, we can advise to bring your own laptop. Your free time and days off depends on agreement and the season. We are asking the volunteers to take longer period of holiday especially duringwinter season, because our activities are limited because of snow and cold, but still, it is a matter of our agreement. In general, less rest and greater flexibility is expected from the volunteers during spring and summer and larger opportunities for the holidays and more rest are possible during the winter months. However, we always try to balance leisure time and activities by the rules of Erasmus+ program.

Living conditions of EVS volunteers
Volunteers will share with the other EVS volunteers a flat situated in a housing estate -about 5 minutes walking distance from the town center, 20 minute -from office. Each volunteer will have his/her own private bedroom. EVS volunteers will be given money to buy their own food. There is a kitcheninthe volunteers’ flat where they can prepare meals. Shops and restaurants are close-by (a 2-5-minute walk). Also, we will organize bicycles for volunteers..

Local community, life of young people in it.
No matter that Rustavi is the third biggest city of Georgia and not far from the capital city Tbilisi, local community is cozy and life runs calm. People are very hospitable and open-minded. In the city there are a lot of restaurants, cafeterias, theaters and beautiful, wild parks. But unfortunately a lot of youth-related problems exist here. There is a lack of youth educational and entertainment centers in Rustavi, which could make it possible for local youngsters to have an additional source for gaining informal and non-formal education. Only a very limited number of young people are socially active due to their involvement in the projects and programs initiated by the local nongovernmental youth organizations. But youngsters want to be creative and they are searching for self-realization opportunities.

Volunteers profile:
We do not have special requirements. We just want to cooperate with young people in age between 18-30 years old, with communicative English language skills who are highly motivated to work hand in had with us during those 12 months. The russian language knowladge at the basic level will be advantage but it is not obligatory. The position will suit those young people who are interested in volunteering in and learning skills and building competencies in the following areas:
– Human rights issues, voluntarism, eurpean values
– Environmental issues
– Animation skills to organize activities with children and young people
– Cooperation with fever opportunities kids and youngsters (Orphans)
– Promotion and communication
– Learning about new cultures and intercultural exchange and dialogue, non-formal learning
– Coordination and communication skills

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