EVS w Niemczech, FAIRbund e.V. – kindergarten

Stowarzyszenie BONA FIDES i niemiecka organizacja FAIRbund e.V. poszukują wolontariuszy na kilka różnych projektów EVS w Niemczech w Leipzig.

Zgłoszenia: CV wraz z list em motywacyjnym oraz specjalnym formularzem aplikacyjnym: http://www.verein-fairbund.de/euprojekte/download/ w języku angielskim. prosimy przresłać na oba adresy mailowe: natalia@bonafides.pl oraz karolina-zamiara@verein-fairbund.de.

W tytule wiadomości prosimy dodać nazwę projektu na jaki zostaje przesłana aplikacja, np: KITA Kohlgartenstraße – multicultural Kindergarten lub Kindergarten Thünenstrasse – watch, discover, try!

Termin nadsyłania zgłoszeń: 30 listopada 2016

Do zgłoszeń prosimy dodać poniższą informację (w treści wiadomości mailowej)
Sending association:
Bona Fides Association (Stowarzyszenie Aktywności Obywatelskiej Bona Fides)
Acronym: SAO Bona Fides
ul. Warszawska 19
40-009 Katowice
PIC: 947802812
EI referance number(HEI-REF): 2015-1-PL01-KA110-017199

EVS coordinator
Natalia Podbielska

Coordinating and Receiving Organisation: FAIRbund e.V.
Location: Leipzig, Germany
Deadline: 30/11/2016
Start: 01/08/2017
End: 31/07/2018

Description of the Receiving Organization
FAIRbund e.V. is a non-profit organization in Leipzig in the social sector. The department of EU-exchange projects is organizing training placement, internships and language courses for young and older people since 2004. FAIRbund e.V. has experience working in mobility and participated in a number of European programs (Leonardo da Vinci, Youth in Action, Grundtvig and Comenius). FAIRbund e.V. did already organize internships and programs beside the social sector, such as IT, Mechanical engineering, administration, culture and tourism.FAIRbund e.V. intends to help young people coming to Leipzig to learn German and develop professional skills. As well we have been developing programs requested from partner organizations to help educators and social workers to learn more about the social work in Germany. We can organize specialized programs for experts working in this sector.

Description of the proposed projects:
1. KITA Kohlgartenstraße – multicultural Kindergarten
Our international kindergarten is located in the eastern part of Leipzig. Almost 50% of the children have a migrant background and they come from 20 different countries. That is why we focus on the intercultural education during our work.
As much as it is possible by the daily routines, our kindergarten operates as an open and barrier-free house where children can move free.
Volunteer will be working together with the educationalists, supporting their daily work with children.
Other volunteer’s tasks will be to organise intercultural meetings, encourage children to learn about new cultures and languages, play integrational games.

2. Kindergarten Goyastraße – sport&healthy lifestyle&outdoor activity
The main concept of the Goaystrasse Kindergarten is to include sport activities and healthy life-style in every kid’s life.
In the kindergarten children have 10 friendly group rooms, a studio, a children’s kitchen and a multipurpose room. A green outdoor area with various play equipment, a sandbox, various sitting areas and a large terrace area invite kids to play and run outdoors. Children can be included in the facility from the first year of their life.

Volunteer will be working together with the educationalists, supporting their daily work with children. He/she will have an opportunity to develop their own interesting projects and activities for children.

3. Kindergarten Treffpunkt Linde – every day is a new adventure!
The kindergarten Treffpunkt Linde takes care of 82 children from the age of 2.
We have an open group concept – the children can choose daily their partners to play with and as well what they want to do this day. There is a weekly structured offer with different things to do like music or working with wood.
We start our daily structure with a common breakfast and the morning circle in which the children get to know what is going to happen during the day. Children in our kindergarten should take care of things which they are interested in and therefore they should get a lot of possibilities.
During the year we have a lot of different projects, for example:
– a parental week,
– the time without toys
– the forest weeks

Volunteer will be working together with the educationalists, supporting their daily work with children. He/she will have an opportunity to develop their own interesting projects and activities for children.

4. Kindergarten Thünenstrasse – watch, discover, try!
Our kindergarten is focusing on natural sciences and language learning in the children’s daily life. The goal is to enable the children to get social competences and knowledge as well as own learning experiences. Our aim is it to concentrate on the science education of the children, to help them to discover the „secrets of our world“. Through „watching, astonishment -trying“ the children are guided on their way of discovering and understanding. We believe that the collected discoveries and experiences have a meaning for the whole life.

Volunteer will be working together with the educationalists, supporting their daily work with children. He/she will have an opportunity to develop their own interesting projects and activities for children.

5. KITA Waldkindergarten – discover nature in the Forest Kindergarten
Kindergarden “Waldkindergarten” in Leipzig offers places for up to 60 children aged 2 – 7 years and focuses on „natural education”.
The Forest Kindergarten (Waldkindergarten) means that the children go into the forest every day, no matter the weather. There are places which can be used by the children and educators during the day. The children have the chance to discover nature everyday with their senses, they discover the way of life, the harmony of the forest and they find out that they are a part of this.

6. Daycare Familiengarten
We are an inclusive early childhood center in the south of Leipzig. Our spacious rooms are in a beautiful old mansion, together with the Autism Clinic and the Counseling Center.

The south is the cultural heart of Leipzig. Many alternative and innovative projects have settled here and attract young people in particular. There are many small shops and pubs, as well as the great Clara Zetkin Park, just 5 minutes walk from the center.

Volunteers profile:
The following points are important for our kindergarten regarding the selection of the volunteers:

-Willingness to go to the forest with the children, no matter the weather!
-Interest in work with children age 2-6 years
-Interest in nature and environment
-Interest to learn German
-Creativity- because the forest kindergarten is “without toys”, the creativity in the game is important
-Do you love working with children?
-Are you creative and open-minded?
-Do you have any interesting hobbies that you can share with others? (Music, sports, art … everything is welcome)
-Are you a responsible person?
-Do you have a lot of new ideas for fun&educative activities?
-Are you willing to learn German?

If yes, then you are a perfect candidate for this position!
Don’t hestitate to apply, we are waiting for you!

Additional information:
Normally all the volunteers are living in shared flats, have their own room – but share kitchen and bathroom with 3 others volunteers. Food money will be paid out to you as well as money to buy the local transportation monthly ticket or you just buy a bike. Leipzig is a very nice city to ride bike.
If you wish we can as well try to organise a host family

How to apply
If you are interested in this project, please send us your CV, motivation letter and our application form(http://www.verein-fairbund.de/euprojekte/download/) to: karolina-zamiara@verein-fairbund.de and natalia@bonafides.pl.
PLEASE WRITE THE NAME OF THE PROJECT IN YOUR E-MAIL. Another Applications will not be taken under consideration. Please add also information about your sending organization.

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